Add Fun To Your Party With Smoking Card Games

Party, the name itself fills you with fun and enjoyment. There are many people to look forward to make their party entertaining and fun filled and for this they try to organize several activities so that the guests do not get bored. There are several games that are introduced in the party but if you and your friends are smoking enthusiast and love smoking weed then you can throw a rave party in which people drink and smoke and enjoy to the fullest. In order to add to the excitement, you can play cannabis card game during the party.

cards game

This weed smoking game is getting really popular among the youngsters and anyone can play it if they have blunts, lighter and an ashtray. The game has certain rules and regulations that add to the fun part.

Gameplay of the weed smoking game

In order to play the game, there should be 3-6 players. Other things that you need are a blunt, an ashtray and a lighter. All the players sit in a circle and the things are placed at the center. The deck of cards is also placed at the center from which each player needs to pick seven cards. The person who joins the last, picks an additional eighth card which is placed in the center openly.

cards game 2

Now the players need to match their card with the placed card either by color, number or any special card. If no match is found the player gets the chance to draw maximum 4 cards from the pile. In order to lit the blunt, all the four colors should come and the person who draws the final color gets to lit the blunt.


Add Fun To Your Party With Smoking Card Games
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